Who we are and what we looking for

Delivering both funding and expertise, we back early stage companies’ founders building their dreams

Our hands-on approach comprehends mentorships with successful startup founders

See what we look for in our investee side:

  • 01 . Exceptional Founders

    People with the will and ability to be a market leader as well as recruit, run, and share their vision with the team

  • 02 . Considerable Market

    Companies inserted within an expressive and growing TAM with the potential to become a multi-billion-dollar business

  • 03 . Disruptive Product/Service

    Innovative solutions with product-market fit and satisfied and engaged clientele

  • 04 . High Scalability

    Businesses with the ability to grow exponentially by means of its processes, network, software or product and manage increasing demand

Who we are and what we looking for



Team Caravela

Mario de Lara

Lucas Lima

Frederico Guesser

Rodrigo Vieira

Richard Greenlees

Pedro Gottschild

Rodrigo Andersen

Rafael Matoso

Brunna Zogbi

Manoela Ronchetti


Aléssio Alionço

CEO da Pipefy

Bruno Ghisi

Co-founder da Resultados Digitais

Bruno Leal

Co-founder e CSO

Eduardo Petrelli

Co-founder do James Delivery

Flavio Dias

Ex-CEO da Via Varejo e Ex-CEO da walmart.com

George Christofis Neto

Co-founder e CEO da Mercafácil

Hendel Favarin

Co-founder da Conquer

Ivo Roveda

Co-founder James Delivery

Jeferson da Silva

Co-founder da HeroSpark

João Zaratine

Co-founder da Conta Azul

Josef Rubin

Co-founder da Conquer

Lucas Ceschin

CEO do James Delivery

Maria Teresa Fornea

CEO da Bcredi

Tiago Dalvi

CEO da Olist

Tito Gusmão

CEO da Warren

Vinicius Ferriani

Co-founder do Gympass

Francisco Millarch

Founder e CEO do Rentcars.com

Joao Bosco A. Pereira Filho

CTO da Loadsmart

Daniel Scatolon Becker

Diretor Executivo de Soluções Digitais para Varejo no Grupo Boticário

João Otávio Olivério

Founding Partner at Oliverio Dal Fabbro Abid Advogados



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